Traser příběhy

Having brought my „traser H3“ back in March 2003. It’s served me loyally & accurately over the years in all manner of environments. From high altitude sky diving, to the Humid Jungles of Belize to the extreme heat & dust of Afghanistan. Wanting no more than a rinse under a tap & just two battery replacements it’s continued to be as reliable as the day I purchased it. I think the only area of attention needed in the future are one or two new pins for the strap, but after the conditions this watch has seen I can forgive it that! I remain delighted that I chose ‚traser H3 watches‘ & would recommend to anyone.

Many thanks. C.White (Hampshire. UK)

I’m a Firefighter in Melbourne, Australia, the P6600 is my work watch and I love it. It has seen me through numerous different fires and various rescues without a problem. It has copped a few good hits but apart from some scratches is still going strong. I chose this watch over the many others I looked at because it is easy to read in low light situations, tough and looks good too.

New Jersey police department
Keeping watch with my Traser Code Blue. Day or night it’s always in service, I don’t have to take a second look as its always visible. The tritium on the second hand puts this watch above the rest. When it comes to taking a pulse to watching the time I can always count on my every day watch.

These things are built like a tank and I love them. I have just replaced the battery after about 5 years. Made sure to pressure test it professionally and even got the pressure certificate for it. I am also a Licenced Target/Tactical shooter and would never go to the range without my H3. Somehow I feel I shoot better with it. Not to mention it looks darn good with a gun. My wife makes fun of me cause I go to bed with it on. There are loads out there, but my next one WILL be a Black Chrono BD Pro with blue illumination. P.S. it also looks nice in the dark at the cinema…. J. Cachia

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